Friday, February 7, 2014


As many of you know we are moving back to CA. This decision was made with a lot of emotions, on my part . Matt had emotions too he's just the more practical of the two.

Back in August Matt started to feel a tug to move back to CA.  When he shared this with me I was in shock.  Surely we were meant to be here for life. I love TX and the friendships I have made here. There was no way I was going to go back to Modesto. Surely there was nothing more we could do with our lives then to serve at Gospel For Asia. No, we are never going back to Modesto.

But God has a funny way of turning our nevers into yeses.

God showed me near the end of August thru a bible study to stop obsessing over my future.
In September He showed me thru Exodus how Aaron built the calf because he didn't wait on the Lord, that I was not waiting on Him too.

He showed me in October through Leviticus how our sacrifices are examined, not through us but through Jesus Christ.

In November I heard Charles Stanley on the radio talking about the fear of the Lord. How we need to trust His plan and not fear anyone else, just God. That freed me from fearing what our friends and family would think. Through this message God encouraged me not to fear man, He was in control.

In December I was really freaking out because our lease was up in February and Matt didn't have a job. But God gave me the verse that is written on our wall 'Be still and know that I am God'. Was I being still?

In January I was finally coming to terms with moving back home but still a bit worried for our future and one day Rie ran up to me and gave me a memory verse card and said "here mama this is for you". The verse was Isaiah 45.2 "I will go before you and make the crooked places straight. "

Wow I am so thankful I have Him to lead me in this life and to trust that His ways our better than mine.

As I have been saying goodbye to so many cherished friends here many of them are saying " I am so excited for you". When I first started hearing this I was puzzled. But now I am thankful that I can be excited for my future, not afraid.

Even though Matt doesn't have a job yet, and we are most likely going to be living with family. (THANKS Mark and Lala) This change will grow us and He will use us.
Yes I am sad to say goodbyes , but happy to say Hello to what God has for us.

( and if you sang Hello in your head like the Lionel Richie song you are awesome)

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