Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Hubbies Blog Debut.

My husband Matt is a writer and he is just now starting a blog. That may sound odd to you, but he wants to make sure what he says has meaning. Unlike me who just talks and talks all day long to process the world around me. 

I am happy to share an excerpt from his blog with you. 

(and hopefully I will start blogging more soon :O).....................................

A Tribute to My Grandmother

This wasn’t how I initially planned to start my blog, but when my grandmother, Madeline Fay Gallagher, passed away last Sunday morning, I thought there was no better way to kick off this little venture than by paying tribute to a very special woman. I will miss you, grandma.

I always had trouble sleeping at my grandparents’ house. There were two reasons. One, I was always a combination of too excited and wired from the array of candy that always adorned grandma’s kitchen counter, arranged in neat, clean jars beneath the cabinets. My grandparents’ home was a wonderland of sorts. You could swim, play ping pong or billiards or tennis or basketball or even a grand piano (poorly, in my case). There were also a collection of board games, toys and books which lay undisturbed the odd days grandchildren weren’t invading their home. With all of that treasure waiting for you, sleep felt like a waste of perfectly good frolicking time.

The second reason I would have trouble sleeping was my grandparents’ home turned surprisingly spooky in the evenings. The eeriness increased the farther back in the house you traveled, culminating in the ominous back bedrooms, nearest the pool. The combination of a back porch light against a large pomegranate tree created shadows through the window, which gesticulated threateningly against the backlit walls. The house’s lengthy hallway leading to the back bedrooms would also yawn and creak throughout the night, as if some apparition was pacing back and forth through the corridor. I would lie in bed frightened for a time until I imagined the creaking house was just grandpa keeping watch outside..............


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