Friday, May 24, 2013

4 Score

Our sweet Riette turned four at the beach this year.
This girl is a fire cracker!

Rie is fiesty, loving, caring, forgiving, sensitive, huggable, and such a little monkey.
She loves to climb every piece of furniture we have.
When she gets into trouble she will say....
"Mommy, you are beautiful!"
"Daddy you are handsome!"

She keeps me on my toes.
She reminds me of myself, loud and spunky.

Rie's favorite person is Joseph and she loves how he dreams about people bowing down to him.
She likes to go around the house bowing down to God.
She prays for people and she has a standard prayer for every prayer time.
"Dear Jesus, pray that everyone is fine and good. In Jesus word we pray, Amen."

Riette loves fruit, chocolate, gymnastics, dogs, Pocohontas, Mulan, dancing, playing with dolls, reading, swimming, and drawing.

We are so thankful for you Rie, and we pray for you daily!
You rock little one!


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