Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Morn

I know this is a late post, oh well :O)
Here is our balcony....Braley-wald family Christmas :O)

My mom and Stepdad came out for a visit, we only got to spend one day with them before we got sick.
But it was a great day!
Here we are in Carrollton Square....

Forgive these pics, Still working out the kinks with the new camera....
Here is Daisy first one up in Christmas morning!

love the bed heads.....

We always sing happy birthday to Jesus, then Matt reads the real Christmas story from the Bible.

Daisy's first present...

Opening the big gift from us, the doll house I made......

And God blessed us with snow on Christmas day, so cool ;) 

Peace in Jesus,


  1. Happy New Year, Braley family! May God bless all that you do in 2013. What a beautiful family!


  2. I'm sure snow for you on Christmas Day was a real surprise. We were thrilled to have snow on Christmas Day too. It doesn't always happen. A belated Merry Christmas and blessed New Year to you and your beautiful family!