Thursday, December 27, 2012

CA Trip

Grandpa Jack and his Bike!

Cousins meeting Daisy for first time! Mollie and Sam!

Sisters! Cheri & Lala!

Wedding day with cousin Amanda!

Rie as the Flower Girl!

Meeting Emma!

Mark and Lala and Patcher! Halloween!

Wedding shot of cousins Sam and Elijah!

Emma's Bday~!

Grandma Kerr!!

Aunt Jeanette looking good!

Cousins Gavin & Britney!

BABY!!! Cousin Luke!

More Cousins!!! Genesis & Daniel!

Calvary Chapel Oakdale & Pastor Jeff!!!!

This is about all I can post, sooooo many pics!
Hope Everyone had a merry Christmas!
Those pics should come soon :O)

peace in Jesus,

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