Thursday, August 30, 2012

3 Months

Today sweet baby D is already 3 months old.
My friend posted a pic on Instagram of her girlies at the same age, and it inspired me to take a look back at all 3.
(they are kind of out of order)

Sinclair at 2 months

Dasiy today, 3 months

Rie at 3 months

Sinclair at 1 month

Daisy at one month

Daisy at 2 months

Rie at 2 months

Sinclair at 3 months



  1. These are great! Do you have any of you and Matt at those ages, that would be fun too.

  2. Your little Daisy is just beautiful, Summur! What a sweet blessing!!

    I haven't been by here in awhile so it's fun to read the last several posts and catch up with your family again. :)

  3. Well, they are definitely sisters!! So sweet! I sometimes wish I had digital way back when Bub was a wee one. It would be fun to show them at the same ages like you have.