Sunday, May 13, 2012

May the 13th





Riette turns 3 today!
Rie Rie you are such a joy to us.
Your spirit is so full of life and laughter.
You are always talking or singing or running or tumbling or dancing.
Right now you love to put on shows for us and say anything to make us laugh.
You want to follow big sister everywhere and do whatever it is she is doing.
Girl you are a fruit monster.
The day you were born the nurse pointed out that you had a "strawberry" on your head.
From then on it has been your gift from God, that's what Sinclair calls it.
For you are our little Rie whose favorite food happens to be strawberries.
We love you so very much and are so blessed that God gave you to us!
Happy Birthday Beautiful Rie Rie!

Peace in Jesus,


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