Thursday, May 10, 2012

Instantly Perfect?

I was reading in my favorite go to devotion book by Tozer, and came across an editorial about Instant Christianity. How in our society you become saved and instantly you are suppose to be this perfect person. This is part of the reason people get so upset about "hypocritical" Christians, because they are not perfect.
But that is another post entirely.

Tozer writes " By trying to pack all of salvation into one experience, or two, the advocates of instant Christianity flaunt the law of development which runs thru nature. They ignore the suffering, cross carrying, and practical obedience. They pass by the need for spiritual training, the necessity of forming right religious habits and the need to wrestle against the world, the devil and the flesh."

I was watching my man cleaning gum out of the dryer the other night, and I was thinking of how much of a servant he has become. Yes he is the leader of our family, a godly leader leads by serving.
It is truly amazing to me to watch Christ pour thru Matt. Lately I can not do much around the house and Matty has taken over most of my wifely duties.
It is amazing to me how much we have both grown over these past 6 years of marriage.
Matt was not horrible when we met, don't get me wrong. He has always had a giving heart and is the most loyal person I have ever met. (ladies this is a very good quality to find in a mate)
But he has really grown and matured to have this serving heart that rarely seeks acknowledgment for his good works. I love seeing all the ways the Lord has shaped his heart to look more like Jesus, and it is getting better and better everyday. 
Of course he is not perfect, and we all have bad days. A life going thru trials and letting the Lord change you is the best life you can have here on this earth.
I am not saying that when you first believe the Holy Spirit doesn't come in and change you, He does.
But it is a process.
I am so thankful for all the Lord continues to challenge me with, and Matt.
I am very thankful that He gave me just the perfect man for me.
I am the most thankful that Matt loves the Lord and seeks to serve Him.

Happy Anniversary Baby!
I love you!

Peace in Jesus,


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