Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Cross is Broken

I was just telling Rie about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and she told me "No I did that, I die on the cross."
I said, "you can pick up your cross and carry it for Jesus."
She replied "I did that too and it is in my room right now and it is broken."
Good to know.
It is so funny how they see these things.
Sinclair seems to understand why He died on the cross, and that HE rose again after three days and now he can live in our hearts.
Very exciting stuff we are learning about this week.
I just pray that they hide this truth in their hearts and never forget how much He loves us!

Sinclair made, well I don't know what to call it but she was very impressed with it......

Pics from our trip to the pond.....

The girls picked me some flowers.....

My Man....

Happy Easter
Peace in Jesus,


  1. Your pictures give meaning to the term "pretty as a picture" :-)

    Happy Easter to you and your precious little family.

  2. I love the innocence of a child. Looks like you've been able to enjoy some beautiful weather.