Friday, March 2, 2012

Be Still

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven
ecclesiastes 3.1

this verse has been my strong hold

so has,

be still and know that I am God
Psalm 46.10

i am not on bed rest, but i am near that point.
in my last pregnancy i had what is called prodromal labor.
false labor, but it doesn't stop nor does it progress you.
well i got that at about 35 weeks.
this time around at about 20 weeks prego
i started having braxton hix contractions.
with activity they come and they don't go unless i sit.
at first it was just at night, so i would sit and drink water and they would go away.
then it increased to while i was out and about doing stuff, and they started to get more and more intense.
went to dr. she said when they start sit, and she was right, after sitting for a while they would stop.
as the days increased i found myself sitting and sitting and sitting.
i think in my last blog post i talked about going to the hospital,
and everything with baby is fine.
just to reassure you.
at this point if i am on me feet for more then ten minutes they start up again.
i tried to push thru it while i was up, but my dr. warned that it may actually turn into preterm labor.
so now i am taking bp lowering meds that are suppose to halt the contractions and i am just waiting to see if they kick in so i can get out of this house.

this sounds so sad, and poor poor me, pathetic me.
but God uses these times in our lives to grow us closer to Him.
my GFA family has been amazing.
they have cooked meals, came over to keep me company, cleaned up my home, gave my kids a bath, gave us pedicures, and just overall spoiled us rotten.
my husband has been amazing.
he does just about everything, and he works his booty off at gfa.
he comes home and plays and takes care of the kids, dinner and dishes and doesn't complain at all.
he is just plain great.
God is showing me that I am not in control and life will go on and He loves me and is taking care of me even if....
even if... I am on the couch most of the time.
even if... the dishes aren't done.
even if... my kids are covered in marker for days on end.
even if... i get a bad attitude and cry for no reason.
even if... i can't be the mother and wife i want to be.

Isn't He good to us?

Enough of my ranting  and raving.
here are the few pics i took at home recently....

the sweet Pam did my hair and she dip died the ends red, which i have been pining for........

this one cracks me up, Sinclair is in the background looking rather confused......

"i got a hair cut too...."

While watching the Oscars we saw  Circus De Soleil perform,  and since then the girls have been giving us circus shows and they are very very focused as they do them....

auntie Cari spoiling us with pedicures.....

for those of you who read our newsletter, we got the water delivered.....

that's all folks...:O)

peace in Jesus,

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