Friday, February 10, 2012

Week In Review

busy, convicting, frustrating, joyful, angry, emotional, 
tiring, energizing, creative are just a few words to describe my last week/ week and a half.

since i became a believer i have felt like i shouldn't "tell it like it is" to people.
truthfully i have never liked conflict, and have always been a people pleaser.
i am trying to be more real with people and have had many experiences in the last few weeks that have not turned out so good.
i have gotten offended and acted out in anger.
i have said things to people i have been meaning to say for years, but in the wrong way.
God has been showing me that i need to be real, but i need to also be loving.
these two things can go hand in hand.
i just have a very hard time with that.
but i realize now that it is more loving to be honest, than to get along for the sake of getting along.

also for the last few weeks i have been having contractions everyday...
i am sure these two things are unrelated :O) 
my Dr. has informed me that everything is fine and i just need more water and less activity.
we will see how the later half of that goes with a 4 year old and a 2 year old.

other things this week...........

our homemade finger paint....

i love these pot holders that Matt's great grandma made......

learning manners.......

first a pic, then the manners lesson.......

these two make the everyday
not so same ol'

fruit and flowers.
flowers from daddy daughter date night at chicfil-a

and two couches.
we were going to get rid of the old one, but this is more homey

Peace in Jesus,


  1. I so know the kind of week or two that you have had because I have had the same learning lessons...lots of moments to be offended and lots of moments where I chose to grab hold of that offense hook, line and sinker...I hope and pray that I have learned from these moments... thanks for sharing because it does help to learn from others... :D

  2. 2 thumbs up on the blog Mama :-) drink lots of water and call me if you need a nap and those girls are keeping you up...L~y would love to play with them!

  3. Summer, I have been learning that same lesson and it is HARD!! Congratulations on being courageous! :0) Lucy Abbey

  4. Hey Summer, Congrats on Baby Girl #3! So exciting...and I loved reading how every need is being met!

    We have been going to Dallas Childrens Theater ( with the baby all year...and she's been great and totally absorbed in the shows. In March though were going to see ANne of Green Gables with just my oldest daughter...not sure if Sorette would follow that one (I think it says its for 10 and up). But all the younger shows have been great! I highly recommend that venue-and getting a group together so you can get the $8 price for students!