Thursday, February 23, 2012

B-day Love

i like this once a week post thing.
put up all my pics from the week, and then just vent on here for a minute or two.
also if i am at the computer too long, i have been having contractions.
if i stand for more then 10 minutes i am having contractions.
don't be alarmed, but please pray that they would stop.
for the last month i have been having what they call braxton hicks contractions.
which are "fake" contractions.
fake, yet i still was told to sit down and drink water when they happen.
so i have been drinking a lot of water, and doing a lot of sitting.
this has been stressful for me, and Matt.
he comes home and does everything for the kids and home.
he is amazing.
but i look around at the mess and get very upset that i can't do anything about it.
God is teaching me about seasons in life.
this season is time to make a hospitable home for Daisy, in my body.
so i need to rest, and the time i am up is with the girls.
by God's grace i have been able to go into the office on Monday nights and make phone calls to supporters and pray for them.
that has been amazing.
 Matt asked if i was sure i could do it, but i figured i could sit at home or sit there.
and if we are faithful to serve He makes a way for us.

last week was crazy with Matt's birthday and valentines day.
on v-day we stayed home and made red playdough and valentines cards for daddy.
that night was our weekly prayer night at gfa.
i can't think of a better way to spend v-day, then by praying for the lost.

at the resale shop i got the girls some purses and filled them with candy, and got Matt this coffee warmer.
i thought it was from the 70's because it has a retro vibe to it, but Matt has since informed be that it plugs into the computer with a usb cord.
not bad for 3 bucks.

a good art project for the girls is always to let them paint themselves and the bath tub, then give them a bath and i don't have any clean up...and no art to dry :)

then Matt's birthday came up, and we made him a giant birthday card.

some friends came over to have pie with us, Matt loves berry pie.

his birthday candle

rie got a card from grandma and grandpa and knew right away where the stickers should go.

the next day we took a little trip to labor and delivery to monitor my contractions, and make sure that Daisy was staying in a little longer.
everything was fine, some people just have contractions all the time.
so after that trip i have really been resting.

 the next night we made plans to watch Matt's favorite college b-ball game of the year,Michigan and Ohio State, out for his b-day.
we went to a sports "place" , and had our own room with couches.
it was perfect, i didn't have to cook and could still keep my feet up.

our friends Jon and Subi, they are getting married shortly after Daisy is due.

this is Jessi.
do you see a resemblance?
a lot of people at gfa get us confused.
we are both tall and blond and wear glasses.
it just cracks us up how many times it happens.
when we announced the baby, many people congratulated her.

and this is sweet Racheal.
look at us watching the game.
so excited, LOL.

well that was my week.
praying God blesses you this week, and that you notice it.
i know i need some help remembering how good He is to us.

Peace in Jesus,

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  1. Sounds like you had a really busy and productive week in spite of the contractions! I'll definitely keep you and little Daisy in my prayers. Take care and take it easier!