Monday, January 30, 2012


Today has been crazy.
Matt is home sick, and I am tired but feel like nesting.
With the last two pregnancies I would go crazy and rearrange everything 3 or 4 times before baby arrived.
This round is proving no different.
Papa K and Grandma K sent us some Christmas money.
So I begged Matt to let me use it on new bedding, there are great sales in Jan. for bedding.
The last few days I have looked online for the perfect comforter/ quilt, and for the perfect price.
I found this one at Target ............

 I really liked it, but it is a quilt and wanted something with a little more weight.

Then I found this one on

 This one was a real contender, it even got a bunch of repins in Pinterest :O)

Finally I loved this one from Macy's.............

It was beautiful, and had a bit of Indian flare( which I have always wanted for our room).
For 80 bucks not to bad, originally 200.
But today I got the girls out of the house and went to Ross.
I enjoyed sitting in front of their wall of comforters for a while because I was dizzy and had tachycardia.
But after that nice little break,
 I found one!
For 34$!!!
Well I got a throw pillow for 8, but still saved a lot of money!

Here is the before.......

I put the bed together, and my makeshift headboard didn't match anymore, so I ripped apart some drapes I had and re-wrapped it.
The bed is almost done, when Matt feels better I need to get him to help me with the bedskirt (that is why the white one is still on).

Here is my super-duper deal.........

Now I am very tired.
Let me know what you think.

Peace in Jesus,



  1. Very cute! And it's always fun when you find a great deal! :)

  2. Wow!! I love it! It's so fun when you're looking for something and find it at a fantastic price.