Monday, January 9, 2012

Lord Can I Have an Escalade?

God repeatedly promises that when we approach Him confidently with our prayer requests, He will grant them. 
This has always troubled me.
Okay Lord I want a corvette, no a escalade.
Am I asking  it with my heart, keeping my eyes on Heaven or on the world?

What tends to happen with Matt and I , maybe with everyone not just us, is people find out we are pregnant and say...... How will you? What will you do? Where is the room?
We have always lived in a small space, which I happen to love it keeps us close.
But most people, to no fault of their own, do not understand how we will make it work.
Right now we are in a 2 bedroom apartment and baby number three is on its way.
For most parts of the world this is not a big deal, but in the U.S. it is.
Both Matt and I have had our freak out moments. Moments where we didn't trust that the Lord would provide. But guess what? We have never gone without anything we didn't need.
He has used all sorts of Avenues to provide for us.
In the last two weeks we have experienced these little miracles.
We needed a new dresser for the girls, the changing table we were using will stay in the closet for baby.
I posted this on our GFA online info board and that day we were offered not just a dresser but a big beautiful Armoire.
We were figuring that the girls would go into a daybed or a loft bed.
We just assumed we would look on craigslist or Ikea for these.
Yesterday I went back to our gfa boards and  there was a loft bed and a day bed someone had to get rid of, I prayed about this right before I went on.
Then last night my sister messaged me that someone was giving away a practically new leather sofa bed, this is something we have dreamed of having to host guests.
Wow I am again blown away by God's goodness!

Any way, I don't deserve these things. My Father in Heaven wants to provide for me and my family, and for you too.

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Matthew 6.26

Keep your heart and eyes on the Lord and doing His work and He will take care of all the rest!

This is how we will make it work......

This week we will be getting the loft bed and getting rid of the toddler bed....

and moving the crib into the closet, for a small baby nursery........

Baby will be in here for some naps at first when he or she is older, and then eventually out of our room and in here at 3 or 4 months.......(she said hopefully)

Peace in Jesus,



  1. How wonderful. I am glad you have so many friends and people willing to help you. You'll make it work cause you're good people and you have a lot of love in your heart!

  2. Oh yeah...I hope that someone on craigs list provides you with that Escalade for free :-D

  3. We were given a free crib and carseat just last week. God is so good!

  4. I was going to say that that is just amazing but it doesn't amaze me. Amaze implies doubt and I do not doubt the greatness of God.

    So happy for you guys - not only for the material blessings but the little blessing coming your way. May you continue to see the miracle workings and blessings of God in an increasing measure throughout 2012

  5. As a mama with 8 I must say it's amazing how little you can by on, how little your kids truly need and how MUCH it depends on the attitude of the parents (especially the mom!). We've greatly downsized and even have lived in a little tiny duplex with 10 people and survived. Life was simpler and God helped us to be content.

    Btw, we've had several "closet" babies - slide that playpen right into the master closet and that baby is perfectly happy. :)