Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Home Is School

This last week we have been working on staying home more and spending some more time on "School".
On Pinterest I found  these Science Discovery Bottles
and we made some of those, too cool.
I highly recommend them for any family of preschoolers.

Today we read the bible, read some A.A. Milne Poems, had tea time, made some Snickerdoodles, and now the girls are stringing beads.
(This is a very productive day, most days aren't like this)

Right now for us learning is all about knowing Jesus, loving others by learning how to speak kindly and have a Godly character, and never losing that sense of curiosity and wonder.
I feel that when children go to school they are told to sit down and stop asking questions.
And of course I agree that for the teacher to be able to teach 30 kids this needs to happen.
But I am so thankful I can take my kids in the office and serve, and also serve them at home.
I know many people aren't blessed to have that.
Who knows what the future will bring, but today I am blessed to keep my girls home with me.

Here are some recent home school pics.

playing with hair gel.

glitter art from Gaga.

cool bird book, with puzzles from grandma and grandpa Sinclair

There is such a stigma with homeschooling, and I find it so odd because that is what most people did 100 years ago. In fact school use to be looked down upon and private tutors were what most high society folk did for their children.

Lately a few people have been questioning the girls to see if they know their abc's and 123's.
I think it is funny that we judge a 3 year old's education by the memorization of a silly song that makes no sense to them what so ever.
But I digress......
for us knowing the Lord is number one.
And I know that is not what the schools are teaching, including most Christian.

If you send your kids to school, that is great.
I do not judge you or your choice, I am just glad I have the choice.

Here is a pic I took of my belly this morning.

Peace in Jesus,


  1. Amen my friend!! This year was our first homeschooling and I really do love it!! I don't know what next year will hold but for now I am grateful for the time I have at home with them too!!

  2. So thankful for the choice of homeschooling. We took a vacation to Germany. All our German friends wanted to know all about homeschooling, becasuse it's against the law in their country!

  3. Awww, look at cute, little mama! You enjoy your time with your babies. True...not everyone gets to do that and true, who knows what the future will bring, just enjoy today and those sweet little girls!

  4. Love it!

    I'm so glad my girls aren't the only ones who prefer to run around half-naked! We're still praying about what God wants us to do about homeschooling, depending on the day, I keep going back and forth. For now, we're doing school at home as well, and I use that term loosely b/c there are plenty of days where we just play in our jammies and watch movies!

    I love how y'all have tea time, my girls are obsessed with their tea sets and I can't wait to have fancy tea parties with them!

  5. Thanks all! I know this can be a very touchy subject. And I also realize we may have to one day put the girls in school, and I may even want too :O)

  6. Ahhh, my friend I totally agree with you on the homeschooling. It was the best thing for my kids while I did it. Having them in school right now has also been great for them. God will let you know what, when :o).

    You've popped :o)!