Monday, December 26, 2011

Ethiopian Princess

Today is my little sisters birthday.
And she is old.
But that makes me older, yikes.

When we were kids I use to call her the Ethiopian princess because she was so skinny.
Boy did she love that.
Don't worry she has many names for me too.

We have been through everything together, we are very much alike and yet so very different.
She is the person who knows my past and present and still loves me for it.

Although we still can bicker like children, she is one of my best friends.
And I am so thankful to have her in my life!

Happy Birthday Kori!
Love you so very much!

Peace in Jesus,



  1. *Sigh* You make me wish I had a sister. By-the-way, if you two are old, I'm ancient :o D!


  2. Sisters are the best! There is no one that knows you like a sister. Happy Birthday to yours!

  3. How sweet Summur that is such a nice post to your sister, love you