Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Here is the run-down of our Christmas day for our family in CA who I am sure want to know what the kids did every minute :O)

Woke up, well Matt and I had to wake them up, then opened stockings.
Which were full of underwear and socks.
This is why they will be in their underwear in the next few pics.

Then we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and had some birthday cake.
Matt read to us the Christmas story.

Then we opened more presents.
The girls got lots of books, and I am very excited because they got all of their required reading for school this year!

Here is Sinclair's favorite book.

We got the girls a playmat with some cars because every time we play at a boys house they love the cars and trains, Matt likes it too.

Then we got our gifts for missionaries at GFA.org from the Christmas catalog.
This year we bought tracks and explained to the girls how tracks tell people that God loves him and Jesus died for them.
Sinclair said "The same Jesus who shared his birthday cake with us."

Then we went to Kori's for some brunch.

And more presents from Gaga and Gpa, and Grandpa Jack and Grandma Cindy.

New coats!
Can you tell my girls are sick?

Matt got new pants, HA!

Then we played dress-up, ate some more, and went home to spend the rest of the day together.

What did you do for Christmas?

Peace in Jesus,



  1. We woke up, had french toast, bacon and hashbrowns, opened our stockings, enjoyed the thoguhtful gifts that went into each one and told stories, opened presents with our adopted family member (a man who moved here from another province with no family here), got in the car, headed to a friends where we visited and played Just Dance on the wii, went to my dad's where we had Christmas dinner with him, my brother and his family, one of my aunts and uncles, & our friend and opened more gifts...came home, snuggled on the couches and talked about the special moments of the day... (and I was so sick I went to bed for 12 hours after that... boo)

  2. What a lovely day! I'm sure all your family in California (as well as your friends and blogging buddies) enjoyed hearing all about it and seeing pictures too!

    My Christmas was lovely as well. No adorable little girls running around in underwear and new coats and pirate costumes, but fun none the less! Happy New Year Summur & family!