Monday, November 21, 2011

Too Early?

On Saturday I had to go out and get some decor for out work Christmas party.
While I was out I found a tree for us.
In CA we had an artificial tree that was a little over 6 feet.
But It got left in CA because I thought "when we are missionaries we wont need a tree". Lame I know, but you really think all kinds of odd things about this lifestyle before you are actually in it.
Any way, on Sat I got our Turkey and found some great stuff for the Christmas party and then I spotted her...................

Yes a white tree.
I am over the whole green, trying to look real, fake tree.
Don't get me wrong some people have some really nice fake trees.
But we are not about to shell out 300 bucks for one of those.
I really wanted a pink, or tinsel fake tree like from the 50's.
But when I saw this 4ft white one, I fell in love.
Perfect for storing in an appt., 25 bucks and pre lit. I thought white would look vintage yet be versatile.
When I got home the girls saw it and got super excited.
So we put it up right away.

Every year our parents got us an ornament for Christmas, so the kids love all of the comic book and Disney characters we have.
So following tradition I got them one this year.
Rie got two puppies, and Sinclair got a sparkly pink purse.

The finished product.

We usually wait till the day after Thanksgiving to decorate, when do you put up your tree?
I will wait for the rest of the decor after Thanksgiving.
It is just too much fun to wait with little ones around.

Peace in Jesus,


  1. I can't believe you defiled Thanksgiving with your tree. I refuse to look at it on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!! lol *tears*

    I wait until AFTER Thurs to think about a tree. :)

  2. I love that little white tree. I struggle with my big, clunky fake green tree every year. I think it was made in 1980 or Not prelit and in three pieces. Not fun. I'm going to go shop around online to see what color fake one I can get this year. I'd like something different too!. And it's not too early, not when you have little ones around.

  3. It's so pretty! I agree with the antique-y look. Ours will go up this weekend (I think). We usually put it up at the beginning of the Advent season.