Thursday, November 3, 2011

This Christmas Will Be.........

A very special Christmas.
At Gospel For Asia we offer gifts to send to the field each Christmas.
It is an awesome chance given to us as rich Americans to take part of the money we are spending on gifts for relatives who truthfully don't need what we are giving them.

Each year our family will buy something off of the catalog for everyone we buy gifts for, and then give them something to match it. Like last year we bought bunnies and chickens for everyone and matched it with a bunny or chicken Chochkie.

I have heard the arguement, "well who wants that, who wants a goat?"
I say "Who wants another bowl, or another ill fitted sweater?"
When you look back on your life where did you spend your money?
On things, or on people?
On your favorite people, or on people unlike you who are dying of hunger without knowing the love of Jesus??????

Peace in Jesus,

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