Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Cal

Instead of Nor Cal, here is More Cal.
We did get an early morning to see my best buddy Missy.
And her sweet babies.
These "babies" are younger then my kids, but much taller.
I wonder how long my kids will be mini?

The beautiful, inside and out, Missy and her baby Gianna.

Sinclair and Luca.

We had a relaxed night, I think it was the only one from the whole trip where we just hung out at the house.
At one point Rie comes out naked.
She looked like a little Ewok next to her almost grown-up cousins.

I took some beauty shots of my beautiful sister-in-laws.
Aren't they pretty?

We got to see Grandma GiGi one morning.
It was so special to get to spend time with her.

Rie feeding Natalie.

Too much fun.

Peace in Jesus,

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