Tuesday, November 15, 2011


We just got back from a little trip to CA.
It was an unexpected trip we did not plan this year, but Matt's bros flew us out and we couldn't resist.
It was unfortunate we didn't get to see a lot of people, and next time we come out we hope to do it for a lot longer to get some more time in with precious friends and family.

It was so much fun to get out one night and have dinner with my sister in laws, Aunt CoCo, and cuz Kerri.

For the first weekend we were hosted by Mark and Lala and it was so much fun to hang out there.
Of course Rie was united with her long lost brother, Patches.
Here they are sharing an apple.

We got to see the grandparents.
Of course they just want to see the kids.
It is so neat to see how much our kids love their grandparents.

(Sorry these pics are all sticking together)

The rest of the pictures are some of the time we got to spend with the cousins.
It was short but sweet.

Hopefully we will make it back to CA early fall.

Thanks Mark, Lala, Paul, and Cheri for giving us this wonderful gift!


  1. Time with family and friends is always a good thing! So glad you could go visit!


  2. No not true! We want to see you too! :-)