Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What's Up?

Hello friends, long time no type.LOL
I have been majorly lagging on my blog and I am very sorry about that.
One of the reasons is my mom is in town visiting, the other is Christmas.
Our Christmas party for 250 people is coming up and I am doing the decorations.
Most of my computer time has been on emails and pinterest.
Pinterest to nail down the theme.
Lately I have been loving red and aqua.
So that is what I am trying to pull off, Lord willing!

And these colors just happen to be the same color as KP Yohannan's new book 'No Longer A Slumdog'.

So that is whats up with me, whats up with you??


  1. Well there you are finally! Sounds like your super busy. I love that first photo and your color theme is beautiful. I'm sure you can pull it off!

    Me? I'm just working Mama, that's it...the story of my life :-D But in this day and age we have to be grateful just to have a job!

  2. Beautiful! I'm sure you will have it well in hand. I've seen your talent on the blog! Enjoy your mom time and happy pinning :o).