Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stolen Post

(Warning these pictures were stolen off of my sister's blog, if you read her you will probably be bummed that you have already seen them.
If not enjoy!)

Most people back home ask what is it you do during the day?
Well with two toddlers and our own version of homeschool, that is basically what we do.
My approach to homeschool is literature, literature, literature.
I just want to expose the junk out of them to books, good books.
And I want to be outside for a large amount of the day for exposure to what God made and exercise.
If you are not living in Texas we have had almost 57 days of triple digit heat, that makes it mighty impossible to play outside, or even run to your car as fast as you can.
But we have found a blessing form the Lord and it is called Six Flags over Jesus. Well it is really called Prestonwood Baptist church, but what fun is calling it that?
They have a huge plot of land with a wonderful library and an indoor playground.
So that is what we have been doing once a week during the day to answer your question.......that you might not have asked, but I am telling you any way.

Here are some pics of Six Flags over Jesus, oh and they also serve starbucks, taken by my sis........


Sinclair does not have modeling in her future......

Peace in Jesus,


  1. You keep changing your background woman! ;) Cute!

  2. You are going to owe me bazillions on copyright fees. Or you could just get me a pumpkin spice latte.

  3. Six Flags over Jesus definitely gives it a certain flair! I would like a pumpkin spice latte too please. Oh -- no worries on the lack of modeling career. I have a couple who do not have that in their future either. I hear it's highly overrated anyway :o)!


    P.S. I keep forgetting to tell you that I love the new look! Very fresh!