Thursday, September 29, 2011

Marks Of a Spirit Filled Life

by Chuck Swindoll..............

We have our inner dynamic to handle life's pressures.
We can be joyful, regardless.
We have the capacity to grasp the deep things of God that He discloses to us in His book.
We have little difficulty maintaining a positive attitude of unselfishness, servanthood, and humility.
We have a keen sense of intuition and discernment; we sense evil.
We can love and be loved in return.
We don't need to fear evil or demonic and satanic assault.
We are enabled to stand alone in confidence.
We experience inner assurance regarding decisions as well as right and wrong.
We can actually live worry free.
We are able to minister to others through our spiritual gifts.
We have an intimate, abiding "Abba relationship" with the living God.

So encouraging to know we are not alone, we are empowered to face the challenges of this world!

Peace in Jesus,

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