Monday, September 26, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bugs, Oh My!

My sister took us to the Dallas Zoo today.
It ended up being the perfect day to be out of the house all day because Matt was home sick and actually got some rest. Amazing how a quiet house will do that!

We went on the Carousel first, of course.

Laner, Kor, and Sin.

We had lunch soon after, at about 10am.
What? We were hungry.
Then we looked at birds.
Consider yourself lucky. I took a video of these birds screaming a mating call back and forth. It's brutal and I love you too much to post it.

Beautiful Kai Kai!

Then we went into the bug house.
I think myself rather fearless. But when it comes to bugs and spiders, I freak.
So it was amazing we made it through alive ;)

Then we went to the Galapagus Tortoise exhibit.
Kori and I noticed one was trying to escape. Well she then noticed that there was a lady under that one. The mating habits of the Galapagus Tortoise, great homeschool lesson.

Next onto reptiles, they don't bug me as much. Get it? HA!

There is an awesome kid area which we took full advantage of.
But we got wet.

And then entered the barn section.

Complete with barnyard animals and their poop.
Wet kids and barnyard poop equal disgusting-ness!

But each girl found a new friend.

Good bye hug!

Kori took off to put her kids to bed, and we went on to the big animals.


Then we went back for another carousel ride and called it a big day out!
So thankful for such a great homeschool day!

Peace in Jesus,

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  1. Glad you saw the Cheetah. He is Lane's FAVORITE! Kailyn still has a fever. Ugh. At least she still had fun.

    Thanks for hanging out with us on the most entertaining zoo day EVER!