Monday, August 22, 2011

Yesterday, Yesteryear.

my friend Ellie and I went to downtown McKinney.
She is a very talented photographer and she blogged about our fun time together here.

While we were shopping in this great Antique mall I came across something that brought me back to yesteryear.


Oh the joy of the Fisher Price doll house, the hours of fun Kori and I had with it.
I knew I wanted it for the girls, but the price.
I have seen these before for 30-50 bucks.
That is too much for a missionary budget.
But it was only 9.95.
And it is in mint condition!
Such a score!

First thing this morning the girls were up and playing with it.
Notice the pj's and bed head.

So neat how He blesses us with the little things.
Thanks to my wonderful husband for giving me time away yesterday!

Have you bought your kids any toys that remind you of your childhood?

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  1. That's really great! I'm so happy for you! Finding stuff from childhood is the best. Finding stuff CHEAPLY from childhood is the super-best :) I found an old doll I had from when I was little, and recently an old book that I used to love. I can vividly remember being about 3 years old and looking at that book while my sister put make up on me and styled my hair as we played :)

    Very cool!