Thursday, August 25, 2011


We needed some new prayer cards and the picture on the last set had a 2 month old Rie.
So my sweet friend Ellie, again was willing to take some family pics.
We just needed one good one so she only took a few.
But here they are............


  1. Go with the first!!!! Can I request a prayer card in a 5x7? lol

  2. Very cute pics- I agree with Kori! You look good Summur!

  3. I love them and love the dresses LOL, I personally like the 3rd and the 1st the best, the girls are looking ahead and I love SInclair's hands on her chin, how cute is that? Sum you look beautiful! Love and miss you terribly

  4. i loooooove them! the top one most. you look so prettyyyyy, can i have your 'do? :)