Thursday, August 11, 2011

Friday Fun Tip!

Here is one way I keep my kids happy, and myself all at the same time.

Painting with real paint in the bathtub.
(by real I mean crayola and not tub paints)

Strip them down, and let em' go hog wild!

They think it is special, and my carpet and tables stays smudge free.

Here is the best part.........

Artwork hung, and then turn on the water for bath time.
Clean the kids and the tub at the same time.

I also will give the girls a bath in the morning while I am doing my makeup.
We are all in the same room and I can keep them out of my hair, while I do my hair.

Share some of your mama tips with me!

Peace In Jesus,


  1. Awesome Idea!!!!!!!!!! i will have to use one day:) Thanks! your an incredible MOM!

  2. Loving your mom tips! When I fold laundry, (and it's sock season) I have the Littles sort and "fold" socks. They feel like they're contributing and I get help making a dent in the laundry.