Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Do you see the sadness in this picture????

Did you notice how this, and all the other pictures in this post are from Google Images and not from me?

Well this is what happened to my camera the other day..............

And I am very sad about this because right before we left CA our family suprised me with this camera...................

So it is not only a bummer that I ruined my camera, but it is also very emotionally hard on me to say goodbye to it. I don't know, it just feels like I am saying goodbye to my family back home. Okay, now I am crying.
Anyway you get it, I am bummed.
Sum is bummed!

Thankfully my friend Miss, got me an Amazon giftcard for my B-day. So I was able to put that towards a cheap camera.
This one............................

Only mine has 14 megapix.
I hope this guy can keep up with me.
So this is what I have been going thru.
I haven't been able to show you pics of my mom and all the cool things we did while she was here. And my sister is here and settled and we had a fun fourth of July at our house, no pics.
Maybe Kori will be generous to give me some from her camera :O)
Hint, Hint!

The camera is in the mail, and I will start snapping!
See you in pictures soon!


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  1. If you're lucky I'll share!!!

    I did snap a pic when we were leaving of you chasing Rie into the house. LOL