Wednesday, July 20, 2011

LaLa Land

We just took my sis-in-luv Lala, AKA Laura, to the airport and said goodbye for now.
She came out and visited us for almost a week and we had a wonderful time with her.

The first night she was here we had a birthday party for all of the Summer birthdays.

The next day we took the kids to the Rainforest cafe for lunch.
It was fun for Sinclair.......

And a bit too scary for the little Rie.......

She held on to me the whole time and didn't even eat, that is rare for this child.

Another day we took the kids to the Discovery Sea place at the Grapevine Mills Mall.
It was different than I anticipated it would be.
But we still had fun.

Rie had another day of holding tightly to me.

Yesterday we took the girls to the beach.
That was very fun and very messy.

For the life of me I could not take a pic of Lala and myself.

Then this morning we got some breakfast.....

And We dropped off our books at 6 Flags over Jesus, and took Lala to the airport.

After we dropped her off Sinclair said
"I want her to live with us and be in our family. She can sleep on the couch and I can be her dog."
We were very sad to see her go.
Yet very blessed to have her in our lives.



  1. Be her dog!!!!!!!!!! LOL oh funny. Kailyn was just telling me yesterday that when Rie Rie is "4 and a half or something, maybe we could get her a cupcake...or something". The things they come up with?

    I had to remind her that it's almost KKs bday and she will be 4. "Yes" she told me, "but when Rie Rie is 4". Oh...sorry.

  2. Too funny!! Hopefully Lala can come visit again soon!