Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chapter 2

Once a Slumdog, Always a Slumdog!

Chapter 2 of 'No longer a Slum Dog' goes onto describe the harsh conditions in which the Dalits of India live in.

Here is a poem written by a Dalit.......

I am nobody
Worthless my life is
To untouchables I was born.
A Dalit Child my fate sealed.

I was born in slums
Rights? We have none
To upper caste our lives we owe
Slaves to serve all their wish.

What is my future?
Do I have any?
It all looks so dark
And i wish I was not born.

The untouchables of India are devoid of rights, forced to intense labor, made to make heart wrenching decisions(like selling a child),the bottom of the bottom, and stuck in this horrendous cycle.
TheY face beatings, gang rapes, and much more abuse at the hands of the uppercaste.
Although the caste system is illegal in India both sides of this are so stuck in this mindset it is a never ending cycle.

Yet there is hope!
So now go, I am sending you!
Exodus 3;7-10

"The question is, when we hear the cry of the suffering children and the Dalits, can we obey the voice of God and be part of the answer?
I believe we can!"
KP Yohannan

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