Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Book Overview

I thought as I read our new free book from Gospel For Asia's founder, KP Yohannan, I would do a book overview on it. My goal is to do a chapter a week. And don't forget you can get your free book here.

No Longer A Slumdog
by KP Yohannan

Chapter One

Stolen Childhood

Chapter one is a painful reminder of how blessed we are just to be born in America.
The difference I have as a mom raising my kids in a place with clean water, food, shelter and freedom of religion.
In India there is a Caste system, and if you are born into the lower castes, you have no hope.
Children are bought and sold into slave labor at 5 and 6 years old.
According to UNICEF one billion children are denied one or more of these essentials: shelter, clean water, sanitation, food, health care, or education.

Many children in the slums of Asia are put on trains and abandoned. Sent off to fend for themselves, because their parents can not afford to feed them.
11 million children have been abandoned in India alone.
90% of them are girls.

God has been using GFA's bridge of Hope program to bring hope to these children's lives.

150 million children between the ages of 4-14 are involved in child labor.
1.2 million are bought and sold each year.
A lot of these boys and girls are sold into prostitution.
Please don't let these numbers just flow through your mind.
Hold them in your heart.

Thousands of untouchable girls from the ages of 6-8 are forced to become 'Maidens of God'. They are sold by their parents and then raped by a Hindu priest, then to be sold again into prostitution.

"My heart aches as I hear what is happening to God's innocent creation. It is hard to realize this is not a novel, this is not a movie, and this is not even a nightmare. This is a reality, a reality for millions of children on the earth this very hour."
KP Yohannan


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  1. It makes my blood run cold when I read stats like this. Such a fallen and desperate world we live in. Thank God for ministries like GFA!