Monday, June 20, 2011


is the founder of Gospel For Asia, where we serve, KP Yohannan's new book.
It is a very much needed dose of reality.
Imagine your child living like this.
Imagine not being able to feed your child.
Imagine having to sell your child in hopes of a brighter future for her.
Imagine that, and then look at your child with all of his advantages having growing up white and in America.

There is hope.
We have Bridge of Hope centers that help children like these.
We tell them about Jesus, feed them, teach them, and give them medical checkups.
For 30 dollars a month, you can change a child's life for eternity!

Make sure you get your free book, with free shipping no less, here!

just remember
there is
hope and

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  1. What a beautiful, life-changing ministry GFA has! I had not heard about this newest book and look forward to reading it!