Thursday, April 7, 2011

What's on my Heart This morning.........

"Burma's latest human disaster is unfolding almost unseen by the outside world in the jungle-covered mountains of Chin State, far to the north of the Irrawaddy Delta where 134,000 people died last month.

The plague of rats happens twice a century when bamboo forests produce flowers and seeds, then wither and die for five years in a phenomenom locally known as mautam or bamboo death. Villagers believe the bamboo seeds are a kind of aphrodisiac for the rodents, whose numbers explode until all the seeds have been eaten. Then they turn on villagers' rice stocks, stripping ripening corn and paddy in the fields and even digging up seeds at night after farmers plant them.

The regime's generals will permit no food aid or humanitarian workers into affected areas of the strategically important region in a repeat of their callous refusal last month to permit emergency aid sitting in foreign ships off Burma's coast to be distributed to cyclone survivors."

This story was taken from the Telegraph, from June 2008.

What is horrifying to me is that these people of Burma are still dealing with millions and millions of rats, infesting their rice fields to this very day. And no one is talking about it. The reason I know about it is because of GFA and we have workers their sending us constant updates.

The worst part of this is that thousands of people are being forced to eat these rats that are destroying their crops, they have nothing else to eat.

Look at this picture below, that field is covered with hundreds and hundreds of Rats. This farmer is killing them to feed his family.

Can you even imagine feeding your child rats????

It breaks my heart that this is not in the news.
There are a few current stories, but nothing compared to what Lindsay Lohan is up too.
Praying for help for these people, that the Chin government will allow aid to these precious people!!!

Peace in Jesus,


  1. Yes, that is truly heartbreaking! :( I heard Ashley Judd speaking about this sort of thing today, in fact--she called it "America's anesthesia," regarding the way that things/people (like Lindsay Lohan) are blown up or things are taken for granted, when so many people in the world are suffering. She described coming home from one of her trips to India and how she would be in shock even in the airport over seeing something as simple as the number of choices of food available after the terrible things she'd witnessed while traveling. We tend to take a lot of things for granted. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Oh that just makes my heart hurt for them!!!

  3. I've never understood why celebrity garbage is more important than the plight of thousands of people. Why do we always turn a blind eye to what's really going on in the world.

    It makes my heart hurt too!