Monday, April 4, 2011


first of all, forgive me for all of these blurry pics.
second of all, if u don't what ever...we have been sick for over a week :O)
Seriously, He must be teaching me patience again.
That means I didn't learn it the last 100 times the Lord has tried to teach it to me.
I trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding!
Last weekend we had the flu and I have had migraines on top of that.
During the week I thought we were better, Matt then got it, then over the weekend us girls must have caught it back from him.
So right now I am washing all the sheets and spraying bleach everywhere.
I asked Matt to bring home new toothbrushes too.
God is good!
On Thursday night, I am not 100% sure that it was Thurs.... that is how much my brain is not working, I changed Rie's diaper and found a huge sore in her inner thigh. This looked to me maybe like a bug bite because it was huge and risen, with what looked like a boil under some layers of skin. I couldn't find a point in the spot that looked like a bite could have happened. Then Matt and I started thinking about how she has been having diarrhea. And after searching online I new it was an infection. Strep, I thought because we have been having sore throats too.
We prayed for her, and then Matt took her to the Urgent care. He was so awesome to do that since he was feeling horrible at this point too. I know that the Lord began to heal her because I put a post on FB, and emailed our peeps from GFA, asking for prayer. And thank you to everyone who prayed because our God heard you!!!! The Dr. did think it was Staph. Which is very dangerous for our little 20 lb almost 2 year old. The next morning it had gone down considerably, and she had only had one dose of antibiotic the night before.
He cares about this little one way more then us, and He healed her!!!
God is so good!
Below is a pic of our girl after the Urgent care trip getting special treatment at 10pm, eating a snack on Mama & Dadda's bed.

Although last week was crazy.
We did manage to go to ballet and get our dance on!

Rie is in the green, her first official day in ballet!

Okay I better run and scrub the bathroom floor with bleach again,,,Ta-Ta!

Peace in Jesus,


  1. Yuck and yuck again! I'm sure you read my post about strep. I'm feeling pretty awesome right now too. Thankfully the kids only have stuffy noses!

  2. Wow...poor things! You sure have had it rough. I hope you all get better soon and I'm glad to see you did get out and make it to ballet. Take care my friend!

  3. Oh wow we are praying for you, you guys sure are having it tuff with all of the sickness. I wish I was close and could help you. Gosh, that staph is so scary, thank God she is okay. Get yourselves better so you can all be feeling good to travel we are so excited to see you. Love you much. Miss you too much, Mom

  4. I'm so sorry to hear things have been so rough! :(

  5. Those are the cutest little ballerinas ever! So sorry to read how sick you've all been. I'm just getting over a migraine too. Sheesh, they're horrible! Thankful for answered prayers for your sweet Rie too. Isn't it good to know how much He cares for our little ones?!