Friday, April 8, 2011

Making friends with Dinner!

I totally forgot about this video.
our friend Joel, sent it to Matt when w were at the NRB conference.
One night I begged everyone to go to this Catfish place, it had a sign on the front that said "Pet the Live Catfish." Doesn't that sound like a great place to eat?
so I did, and Joel caught it on tape.
A bit of a warning, I am a big sissy, and scream like a girl.............
oh wait I am a girl :O)........


  1. hehe - that's awesome. Love the fact that you screamed like a girl. I would have too :)

  2. Blogger won't let me view videos! What is THE deal???? Even my own on blog I can't watch them...ugh.

  3. you crack me up !!!!! I love you and so excited to see you, can't wait, 7 days left