Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I am better than you!

When you look at these pictures, taken from google images, do think that you are better than these people?

I am better than this one for sure..........

As long as we think we are better than someone else, we can not truly love them and serve God.
We get these ideas of right and wrong, and if you look different them me or do things differently then I do, then
I am better than you!
Everyone does it.
We must make a conscious choice to look at someone different than us, and say "the way they look and what they do is not who they are. God loves them, and if I am going to serve this person I must see him, or her, how Jesus does".
When Jesus washed the disciples feet He was showing them how to act, He was perfect, and they were a bunch of losers and they should have washed Jesus's feet first. But they all sat around waiting for someone lower than them to do it.
The truth is you cannot love someone by ignoring them.
We need to stop looking on the outside and start to look on the inside.

Yes the last picture is me, from my friends iphone :OP

This is inspired from our Tuesday night prayer!

Peace in Jesus,


  1. Amen! I still have some work to do! That is a stunning photo of you, my friend ;o). Our son has a similar one. It makes me laugh to see it every time, but at the same time. I wonder, how would he be treated if he really did look like that and not the 6'2" lean boy that he really is. Thank you for sharing what you learned!


  2. Good post, Summur. It's so true.