Saturday, April 23, 2011


OK...I have to. Really! I have tooooooo.

This is Kori, Summur's sister.

See...she signed in on her blog at my house in CA, left, and forgot to sign out.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Ok I'll be nice.

But I do want to share a couple pictures from our fun Easter celebration today.

Let's just say her sugar diet went on hiatus for this holiday.
Peep pops just for the sister. And yes...we ate ALOT!

there was a pic here, but it was taken down by the author of this blog.
My sister did not notice that the pic was inappropriate, she is funny but not too observant :OP

See! Told you I'd be nice :)

They'll be back in TX on Monday. So sad for us Californians!!

But a huge personal thanks to all of you (or do I say y'all?) Texans who have made their move and settling in so incredibly awesome. What a tremendous blessing you have been. Makes it just a smidget easier to let them go. I said just a smidget...don't get too excited ;)

-Kori, the younger one in Cali-forn-I-A


  1. Wow! What a wonderful post!!!!! ;)

  2. Lol @ Kori! Looks like you ladies had a ball! So glad to see the proof in these great pictures. I love the sliding one even though I don't understand the game :-D

  3. LOL Alicia- We were letting the kids run, jump, and slide on the mattress using the sleeping bag. This is a game my kids do ALL the time with my crazy husband. Summur's girls, who are much less adventurous, decided they wanted to play too. Unfortunately they didn't have the greatest slide technique. They would run, stop just before, and almost drop onto the mattress. We kept trying to tell them how to do it, "Like a Slip N Slide". So Summur decides to take a turn and "show" them how to do it.

    She did it EXACTLY like her kids. SOOOO funny. She tried 4 times:she'd run, stop, and kind of drop/slide. Absolutely hilarious! I wish I would have recorded it!!!

    Needless to say we need to practice some slip and sliding this summer in Texas :)

  4. The Momma was extremely happy to have both my daughters, their husbands and kids all together today to have a family celebration. Summur's slide was definitely unique, that's our Summur and we love her for it!

  5. Woohoo!! Hijacked! Love it. Glad you all had a fun visit. :-)

  6. LOVE that you hijacked her blog! I can only imagine the hilarium of watching Summur try to slide. We have some wood floors, so we'll try to teach her here in TX before y'all come to visit. Or, maybe we'll break out a real slip 'n slide in our backyard. Now THAT would be great! Thanks for sharing your lovely sister and her family with us here in Texas. We adore Summur and her hubby and her girls. They have added a spark to our lives and we're enjoying it. Come see us all sometime soon!

  7. Ha ha ha! Hijacked!!!! Too much fun! Sisters like you Kori are precious!!!