Monday, March 14, 2011

My So Called Life

I missed spin this morning, over the last four days I have had a migraine on and off.
Today I am feeling much MUCH better.
Praise the LORD!

This weekend was pretty great, considering the head trouble.
On Saturday I was blessed to go to a home-school conference for free.
It was at our offices and it was amazing.
Have you ever heard of Carole Joy Seid?
She talked about the Charolotte Mason approach.
She gives these conferences on how to home-school and give children a real love for learning. Instead of sitting in a classroom all day and only learning what you need to learn for a certain test. I loved it. It was everypart of my child dev. classes that I loved. The reason I majored in CD was to learn how to have children really take ownership in their education. It was so cool. I had a huge migraine during it, but I begged Jesus to take it away because I loved everything I was hearing!
I got the girls each a new book too.
Rie got "A Whistle For Willie," by Ezra Jack Keats.
And Sinclair got "The Ox Cart Man."....sorry not remembering the author this minute.
But both amazing works!
I could go on and on about this, but I wont.
Don't be too excited people!

Yesterday we went to the Arbor hills Nature preserve and walked,(Sinclair ran) pet some dawgies(as Rie says) and played.
Pretty amazing!

Today the girls and I dropped Daddy off at work after lunch, and took my bridesmaid dress to be altered. I am in a wedding of a dear friend next month, so we get to go home for an Easter break!
After that we went to Hobby Lobby, and I was super excited to find the wall sayings half off.
(below is the one I chose)

In this apartment I want to keep things clearer, less clutter.
So here are some pics from the front-room, with the wall words.

Lovin' having the real living word to remind me to be still sometimes!

Peace in Jesus,


  1. Dogs at the nature preserve, so that's what they have in the Texas wild??? lol Lane will be thrilled!

    I still need to get my dress in to be altered. How did you manage that with two kids? Ugh.

    That's funny I've been reading several sites about home schooling in TX today. Where to start!!!!

    Your front room looks cute (and bigger) and I love the wall words. I must see this Hobby Lobby. I feel like I'm going to get into trouble in there.

  2. Love the wall words!! I have some for our wall too when the reno is finally completed. Your apartment is so neat and tidy! How do you do it!?