Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Sister's Mullet

Hello, Sinclair here signing in for my Mama.
I just had to come on here and tell you that my mama gave Rie a mullet.
See, it's true.............

All though Rie likes to take my toys and run from me as fast as her little feet can carry her, I still like the kid. I feel that it is an injustice what has been done to her poor head.

The poor thing doesn't even know what happened to her mug!

I am sure most of you are not surprised by this news.
Especially those of you who didn't like it when mama cut my hair into a bowl cut.
(daddy being one of them)

Mama said this is not entirely the worst thing to happen to Rie.
She said that her and Dadda will use these pictures when boys "come a courtin"...whatever that means.

Poor Rie!
I am just glad I get my hair cut by a professional.

Peace in Jesus,


  1. Nice job KK!!! And yes, I'm with ya on that bowl cut!!!! ;)

    The mullet isn't half bad though. I'm assuming when it dries it's slightly curly and cute, right? At least your mom didn't buzz the top!!!

    Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks.

    Love Aunt Kori <3

  2. Lol! Poor Riette! Good thing about hair. It grows back! I think Rie can get away with it because she's still so little. Just don't go getting any ideas about playing hair dresser with Mama's scissors!


  3. LOL! cuties, mullets or no mullets :)

  4. Your girls are so cute! I love that tutu!

  5. Rie has good company. I just got my hair cut like actress Michelle Williams, a shorter style...yet it didn't quite look so Michelle Williams on me. Oh well!

  6. She is adorable no matter what her hair looks like, I kind of like it, dry will be even cuter. Good job Sinclair, GaGa's proud of you