Friday, March 18, 2011

Me Too!!!!

While I was away at the conference Sinclair was not able to go to ballet class. Who knew that would be the straw that broke the ballerinas back?
2 weeks ago when we came into class she would not join the others, but Rie did. This class is for 3-5 year olds.
Miss Cheryl was nice enough to let Rie run around with the big girls.
This time we went in and again Sinclair did not want to join every one else. But Rie really wanted to, and again was allowed.
After Ms. Cheryl read a story, the children were given a stuffed animal to dance around with. Sinclair ran and grabbed the book and was comforted enough to then join the others.
My little book worm, i love it!
After the class was over Cheryl said Rie could join the class, so now we have two ballerinas!

Riette in her ballet debut.....

Peace in Jesus,


  1. So cute! Is that a little crown on Rie's head? Adorable :)

  2. Adorable!!!! I love little ballerinas. :-)

  3. Oh gosh! How cute are they! What fun!

  4. What a kind and sweet teacher! So cute to watch them all marching along -- or is it toe pointing ;o)?