Thursday, February 10, 2011

Too Much!

hello friends and family ♥
after spending some time with the Lord today i am led to take a break from the computer.
this month is totally crazy.
next week we move to a new apartment.
the week after i head out to Nashville for the NRB conference.
(National Religious Broadcasters)

i love connecting, and allowing you all to keep up with us in CA.
but i am feeling a bit overloaded with my responsibilities in the next few weeks. i will be on to post some pics once in a while, although i am taking the rest of Feb. off.

to console you i leave you with pics from the other day when Sinclair requested some makeup on :O)

love u all!

Rie got some blush on, although you mostly see her bruise in this pic :O)


Peace is in Jesus,


  1. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! (Thats me screaming to the top of my lungs:) I'll miss you. Hurry back, and stay safe in your travels.

  2. Those are 2 very beautiful ladies!

    Sounds like you will be busy! Have fun in Nashville!!!

  3. Summur! I didn't know you were moving to a different apartment!! Let me know if I can do anything to help you, okay?! Would love to hear more about what exactly you're doing at NRB - keep us posted as you have time...

  4. I totally understand the need for a break. Good luck with the move! I look forward to catching up after you catch your breath.