Sunday, February 6, 2011


Woo Hoo!
The Packers just won the Super Bowl~!
Not like I saw any of the plays, but I saw some pretty funny commercials.
And I must say a pretty lame half-time show.
I usually like the Black-Eyed-Peas, but for some reason they were really lame tonight.
Probably because they didn't have Autotune.

We stayed in tonight and had some friends come over, who are very close with our girls.
So this is what I spent most of my night watching........

playing dress up, and reading together........

Lisa spending some time with Rie.............

Faith being daring.................

Enjoying the Helms.............

Tomorrow it will be three weeks since i have been without sugar or white flour.
But Travis made some really good brownies, with marshmallow topping.
It would have most definitely been rude for me not to have one.
Tomorrow back on the wagon.

Good night!
Peace is only in Jesus,


  1. that second picture is adorably HILARIOUS :)

  2. One brownie won't kill you, right? I'm impressed that you made it three weeks. I fell off the wagon pretty soon after starting. :o(

  3. The second and third pictures are priceless!!