Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Matt and I had originally decided to go to a comedy night at a local church, and have dinner out as our valentine's date.
being that we are all sick, that didn't quit work out.
meet my lovely date Brenda...........

and we were blessed to be joined by other GFA peeps..........

Jeanette, Teresa, and Javier.....

Kris, Scott, Suzanna & Nathan........

We saw Jeff Allen perform.
I have never seen him before, and i was pleasantly surprised.
And he has a great testimony.
Here is a taste of what had my cheeks hurting all night.

thanks for the date Brenda.
Honey we will get a date soon ♥

Peace in Jesus,


  1. Looks like you guys all had a great time...so sorry Matt wasn't able to go. I'm sure you'll make it up to him :-D

  2. Praying you are all feeling better soon! Glad you could still have a fun evening out.