Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

♪ now that the party is jumpin' ♫
with my bass kicked in
okay, i wont bore you with the whole song.
but now your thinking of it aren't you?
Any way, we have been iced in since yesterday,
and it looks like tomorrow is going to be another day in.
i wonder how all of the superbowl people will be flying in to town?
apparently it will be close to 60 on sunday, so don't fret SB fans it will still happen.
Today it was 14, with the windchill it felt like zero, awesome.
sure this is no big deal to our northern friends, who are prepared for this sort a thing. But in TX they don't have salt for the roads, so the ice doesn't melt. I think it is very risky to drive in these conditions. even if you are a wonderful driver, Jim Bob might have had a beer before getting in his pick up.
i digress,
this is how we woke up this morning.....

yes, sinclair had found my camera
and came into the room at 7am snapping pictures.
great way to wake up ☺
she has been taking lots of pics lately.
in the one below her fingers are over the flash, but i thought it came out looking pretty cool ☻

we have been keeping ourselves busy, baking, playing games, watching movies, taking lots of hot baths, and of course we brought some snow inside for the girls........

today Matt braved the weather and walked to the store, and to the redbox for more movies.
i wanted to get a pic of him before he left, in case he slipped and i never saw him again...JK
(although I was praying the whole time he was gone:O)
s ran out to get in the pic, not exactly ice storm dressed.

in front of our apartments....

our parking lot, all ice.......

can't wait to get out of here.
but enjoying the time we have together ☺

Peace is only in Jesus,


  1. Yes, Texas weather is so unpredictable. I remember when I lived there, we would be playing outside in the warm sun & then thunderstorms would come out of no where. I miss you babe . . . I want you to come home too. Is that selfish? Maybe a little I suppose. What can I say . . . life just isn't the same with you so far away. I'm still adjusting & am so proud of the work you & your family are doing there. I always remind myself why you're there & it helps me realize I can't always have you all to myself. =) Love you!

  2. You paint a very cozy picture of being stuck inside!

  3. I know! This weather is a little crazy! Especially with the roads not being treated - quite the welcome to Dallas. :)

    Btw, we'd love to have you come take a tour of the Center at some point -- and we'd LOVE to do the same at GFA! Let's wait till the ice is gone though... :)