Monday, January 17, 2011


here is the before.........

and after..........

i love modge podge!
it is kid friendly......

so there it is.
I did it in 3 separate pieces, so you can see the seam, but I wanted to be able to use the leaf.

The book I used is Still Me by Christopher Reeve.
My Ode to Superman♥

Peace in Jesus,


  1. That is so cool!! (and so brave!). Plus it will encourage reading in the girls!

  2. wow - that's awesome!! So creative and unique - love it!!

  3. This is so adorable because as kids my mom didn't allow us to read at the table! With this table you have no choice but to read. I love it!

  4. I was just thinking that you would never run out of things to read!

    But I echo Hulst Mommy... what DOES Matt think?

  5. Matt loves it! He is happy if I get to be creative and he says he really likes it. But I know that he could really give a flying monkey what I did with our home :O)

  6. Love your creativity! What a clever idea!

  7. Okay, I could say how creative and imaginative you are, but everyone else already said that, so I'll just say "Ditto to everyone else's comments!" :) Nice job!

  8. That is SO COOL!! I love it!! My kids would LOVE it! I'm not so sure about Murray, but he is in Houston right now. Perhaps I should do ours before he gets home ;o)!


  9. Wow! That is so cool - I love it! I bet you get tons of comments when people come to your house! Mod Podge is the best...thanks for linking up!

  10. Love, love, love!!!!! That is so cool!!! Hmmmm, maybe I should do something like that! :) Hope you are doing good!

  11. Wow! You are a brave soul. My SIL is fearless like that. I'm a big scaredy cat. Your bravery paid off because it's totally cool! I love it!

    I'm here from Xazmin's party.

  12. This is awesome!! Ingenious for sure!! Great job!!

    I did an entry too!