Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Last Night..............

Mark and LaLa were in town, we had a date night.
We went to the shops at Legacy, in Plano; where Matt and I went on our last date. We thought we would walk around for a bit, but it was 37 out and so we tried to walk for awhile and then proceeded to freeze our booties off.

We learned how to properly walk across a street.

Then we headed for dinner.
After a weekend of shopping for the girls, and the boys watching a lot of football, we girls warned the boys we would not be eating at Fox Sports.

Nice try Mark.......

Instead we checked out this place..........

There was a pretty long wait, so the manager came out side and turned on three heaters just for us.
How sweet!
It was nice to talk, and be warm, in a quiet place.

The pizza was yummy, but the meatballs and salad were super super!

We walked down to the Chocolate Factory to get a truffle for desert.
It was closed.
But Mark persevered!

It was a pretty great night, until Matt went crazy...............

(I couldn't pass this photo-op up. We came down these stairs in the parking garage and it looked like someone kicked all this construction stuff in. My husband is such a good sport!)

Peace in Jesus,


  1. I dunno, I think you need to get out more ;o). So glad you had a great time!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  2. Love the first picture . . . don't you just love what b&w can do to a picture? It looks like you had fun. And the pizza looks amazing & so do you! Xoxo

  3. That sounds like such a fun time, even the craziness! I wish our friends would come by for a double date night.