Monday, January 31, 2011

Give Me Some Sugar

it has been a week now that I have not had white flour or sugar.
i have taken out sugar before in the past, but it has always crept back in slowly and then all of a sudden I'm eating it everyday.
this time i have found a blog that encourages and gives advice on how to deal with sugar eating bananas, and using a little bit of honey when you NEED some sugar.
last week Sinclair helped me make whole wheat bread, with zero white flour. well that came out like a brick, but we still ate it.
then we made corn bread using whole wheat, that was really good with butter and honey on it.
Especially at night when I would love some cookies and milk.
The website I found is The Nourishing Gourmet.
she doesn't eat dairy either, but now that i have found the best milk ever at Braum's there is no way i will give that up.
recently i made her spaghetti sauce it is a crock pot recipe so you know i am in love with that aspect.
but the sauce was super good and super easy, and super healthy on top of whole wheat pasta.
everyone loved it, even picky Sinclair :O)

we have been pretty sick and stuck in the house for almost all of January.
Sinclair has the pox now, Matt has a very bad cold, and I feel like I am getting it.
but this is the perfect time to learn how to make new things.
tonight i am going to attempt whole wheat biscuits.
do you have a recipe for that?

even though we will be in the house all day today, i will not worry and enjoy my babies while we bake and pack.
we are moving to a new apartment on feb 19th.

Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself.

Peace is only in Jesus,


  1. King Arthur Flour has wonderful recipes. This one is for honey wheat rolls!

    You can search their site for more.

  2. ohhh thanks kori, that looks like a good one :O)

  3. I've stopped eating sugar and flour products myself. It's been 2 weeks today and I've lost ten pounds. I'm eating lots of lean chicken and all kinds of veggies. When I get a craving for something sweet I eat about 12 Toffee flavored almonds and that does the trick.

  4. Oh momma!
    My six year old decided that after Christmas he would be sugar free for 6 weeks, so I joined him. I know,really!?!
    We made an exception for my daughters 3rd B-day.
    Man has it been hard. Coffee w/o sugar! We have been using honey and maple syrup when necessary(baking,ect). This crazy challenge is over on Feb 11th...
    I'll let you know if the cravings ever stopped.
    hugs, hugs and more hugs

  5. Amy, that is so cool he wanted to do that :O)

  6. Good for you! I used to eat so healthfully, but slowly sugar has crept up in my daily diet, too. I think I will take this challenge with you.

  7. I've been working out faithfully, but unless I kick the refined stuff, I don't think I will lose one iota of a pound. Good for you!! Hang in there. I think the cravings do eventually go away. I can hardly wait to have an oven again!


  8. Just to ease your mind a little bit, my great grandma live to be 105, and all of her children into their late 80's and they ate white flour and sugar everyday :)

  9. Tan...i don't want to live a long life, i just want to be skinny:O)