Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Forget What I Said Before.....

green snot is not like the plague...
chicken pox is like the plague.

rie has had some bumps and a little cold.
i thought it was just a viral rash.
but they recently scabbed over, a rash doesn't usually scab over.

so it was confirmed.
she has the pox!

she is doing pretty well.
Rie only has like 8 pox.
she was vaccinated for the pox and that is why she has just a
breakthrough infection.

peace in Jesus,


  1. Hi there. I just blogged on over from Faith Imagined. What a cutie pie! Doesn't look like her 8 pox are bothering her too badly. Good deal! Hope she heals quickly.

  2. Beautiful girls!!! Get well soon baby girl!!

  3. Luckily she only had a few pox. She certainly looks happy!

  4. Rie Rie's face on the 4th picture is too cute! Totally reminds me of a face you would give.
    So glad to hear it's a mild case. Sorry I missed our Skype . . . things are crazy here! I do love & miss you like crazy!

  5. Uh oh! I didn't know that a vaxed kiddo can get a breakthrough infection. I'm going to have to keep my eye on Squirt when pox season arrives here. Your girls are soooo cute!! Love how Rie is hamming it up for the camera.


  6. They're so cute! Such little divas in front of the camera.