Monday, January 3, 2011

The Clover Leaf

is an awesome store in Ardmore Oklahoma.
But it should be called, The Pink Clover, or the Lucky Shopper, or Pepto Bismol.

if u are in Oklahoma, and if you like interesting & cool things, than this is the store for u!

Aunt Kim lives pretty close, and I am so thankful Laura and she took me there.

I love this pic of S and La on the bike.
It reminds me of the muppet movie.
Doesn't Sinclair look like a little muppet?

The next day we stopped by this park, on the way to the coolest store in the world...Hobby Lobby.

Kim and Laura were being good sports and allowed me to take there pic a lot.
Like this one of "That Girl".

Kim even got in to it, look at her leg up in the air.......

so those are the cool shops I was talking about.
Do you have a fun shop like that in your town?
If so, do tell.

Peace In Jesus,


  1. Umm no!! That is one cool store!! We have some antique stores?! Soo fun! By the way is Sinclair getting taller? Or just more grown up :) They are adorable!

  2. If I have EVER seen a Summur store, that is it! Who knew it was all the way in OK???

  3. Pepto Good one. I love this store...too bad it's so far away, but it's great that I have you to share it with me :-)

  4. i love all the letters and those paper stars are soooo cute!

  5. love the pink bike - haha :)
    Glad you had a great time!!

  6. I would like the pig for in my mud room, I think he would feel right at home there these days. Those shops look like a lot of fun!


  7. What a cool place! I love the photo of Sinclair on that porch glider. The colors are amazing!